Caines Head Orientation & Natural Resource Interpretation

Installation of new interpretive signage at Caines Head State Recreation Area.

The Caines Head Natural Resource Interpretation project expanded on recent history where there was previously no orientation or interpretive signage. These signs provide orientation, wayfinding, and safety messaging at key junctions throughout the park, empowering visitors to explore new areas and make safe decisions. By giving people a “sense of place” in the areas they are visiting, their appreciation for the resources available to them is deepened.

The new panels include the Fort Trail Junction orientation panel and the Shadows of a Forest interpretive panel. The Fort Trail Junction panel provides an overview of the “trail” visitors are actually walking on – an old Army road (the “Road of 42”) leading to both Fort McGilvray and South Beach Garrisons. The Shadows of a Forest panel highlights the attributes of the rainforest, striking a delicate balance between science, creativity, and inspiration.

  • Grant Type: Community Grant
  • Grantee: Alaska Department of Natural Resources
  • Completed: 2021
  • Project Duration: One Year
  • Award Amount: $13,292
  • Match Generated: $15,152
Lowell Point AK US
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