Manitoba Cabin Floor Renovation

New flooring installed at Manitoba Cabins.

Manitoba Cabin and Yurts is a recreation facility located within the KMTA National Heritage Area located on a historic property with Gold Rush roots near Mile 48 of the Seward Highway. These facilities serve nearly 4,000 people annually and are one of the few venues in Alaska that can host large groups in the backcountry.

Manitoba Cabin is in the vicinity of the original Mills Creek gold strike in 1895 and is only a few hundred yards from the Lauritsen Cabin, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is also on a trail system leading up to Manitoba Mountain to the site of a “lost” ski area and lodge that was established in 1941. The remnants of ditches, prospects, tailing piles, and old equipment from a century of small-scale mining can be found throughout the creek bottomland around Manitoba Cabin, and modern mining and dredging operations continue in the area today.

Staying true to its roots, the area around Manitoba Cabin continues to be a destination for ski enthusiasts, hikers, bikers, and recreationists—as well as those fascinated with the area’s heritage. As a result, Manitoba Cabin and Yurts have become a focal point for recreation and education in the Summit Lake area.

Alaska Huts strives to encourage wilderness stewardship and outdoor education, ranging from walking tours that explore the history of the early 1900s mining boom to backcountry avalanche training to workshops about wild medicinal plants. Field trips and classes occur at the facility several times a year.

By supporting Alaska Huts’ endeavor to renovate Manitoba Cabin’s floors, KMTA has helped increase the lifespan of a cabin that provides an important venue for local Alaskans and visitors to experience the Kenai Mountains and its history.

  • Grant Type: Community Grant
  • Grantee: Alaska Huts Association
  • Completed: 2021
  • Project Duration: One Year
  • Award Amount: $3,422
  • Match Generated: $3,554
Moose Pass 99631 AK US
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