Moose Pass History Preservation

Collect, preserve, and share the history of Moose Pass, Alaska.

The Moose Pass Public Library (MPPL) has been helping to collect, preserve, and share the history of Moose Pass for many years. MPPL is one of the oldest public libraries in Alaska and houses a collection of original books from its inception in 1938 (the Alaska Gold Collection).

One of the major goals of this project was to preserve and display the Alaska Gold books in new bookcases and develop a policy for access to the books. Other project goals included creating a Historical Committee within the MPPL Board to provide leadership and support to history preservation efforts in Moose Pass, collecting, preserving, and digitizing historical documents and artifacts related to early Moose Pass history, and purchasing archival supplies and developing safe storage areas for historical documents within the library.

This year a policy was finalized for checking out Alaska Gold books and printed canvas tote bags that the books will be checked out in. An interpretive sign was installed on the library wall that details the founding of the library and the origins of the collection. More historical documents were digitized and archival materials were purchased for these documents for long-term storage. Moose Pass youth were also employed to transcribe two historical documents into a digital format so that these resources can be used in future history/interpretive projects.

  • Grant Type: Community Grant
  • Grantee: Moose Pass Public Library
  • Completed: 2023
  • Project Duration: Three Years
  • Award Amount: $9,000
  • Match Generated: $11,196
Moose Pass 99631 AK US
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