People, Paths, & Places: A Frontier History of Moose Pass, Alaska

Discover the story of Moose Pass.

People, Paths, & Places: A Frontier History of Moose Pass, Alaska is the result of a community project to collect and record the varied history of Moose Pass. The book is an outgrowth of a project that began in 2016 with the renovation of the town’s library.

The Moose Pass Sportsmen’s Club has long been a community center and the home of a small library. When the community received a grant to build a new fire station, the old fire-hall garage became available to expand the library. Although small, the Moose Pass library is one of the oldest in the state of Alaska. Following the renovation, the new library needed something to display on their freshly painted walls.

A series of interpretive panels were installed that tell the history of Moose Pass for library visitors. The school children of Moose Pass researched and generated the text. Historians and editors helped refine the narrative and provided any missing pieces. Finally, a professional designer created the panels as a legacy to honor the history of Moose Pass.

  • Grant Type: Publication & Arts Grant
  • Grantee:  Moose Pass Chamber of Commerce
  • Completed: 2021
  • Project Duration: One Year
  • Award Amount: $9,895
  • Match Generated: $25,376
Moose Pass 99631 AK US
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