Summer Adventure Camps

Summer programming for Four Valleys Community School.

Four Valleys Community School puts on summer Adventure Camps that provide place-based learning opportunities for the communities of Girdwood, Indian, Portage, and Bird.

This year’s camps included programs such as “Grossology” where kids learned about the gooey, slimy organisms that contribute to functioning ecosystems and dissected real owl pellets! These programs provided new takes on old favorites like “Fossils and Geology” and Tides and Ecology”.

They also took a field trip to the Alaska SeaLife Center and discovered all that hides underneath the bay.

They traveled through the Whittier tunnel to witness first-hand the inside of a mountain. All these programs provide children with hands-on experience that expands their artistic abilities, and awareness of their environmental impact, and compassion towards all Earth’s inhabitants.

  • Grant Type: Community Grant
  • Grantee: Four Valleys Community School
  • Completed: 2022
  • Project Duration: One Year
  • Award Amount: $5,514
  • Match Generated: $7,564