Girdwood Bear Aware Community Education Publications

Publications that educate the public on how to live and recreate responsibly in bear country.
  1. A one-page printed flyer that will serve as an insert into an ADF&G brochure. The brochure specifically targets an audience of visitors and new Alaska residents. A key constituency that GBA hopes to reach in their communication is the visitors that funnel through Girdwood during the summer months. Girdwood hosts a robust vacation rental population as well as a large number of day-trip visitors. Partnering with ADF&G will allow them to build on their content with the publication of a Girdwood-specific insert to focus attention on the visitor population within the valley. The flyer was created to serve as an insert to the larger publication and also as a standalone.
  2. A soft-printed poster to be used at events and other public locations. For example, the Municipality of Anchorage has indicated an interest in a poster at the MOA-run campgrounds in Girdwood. The library and school would be other locations to host a poster that would highlight the importance of bear-aware principles within the Girdwood Valley.
  3. A fridge magnet that has a concise bear-aware message and eye-catching graphic to spread awareness about safely securing bear attractants. The magnet was a free item that GBA distributed to encourage awareness and serve as a reminder of best practices.
  • Grant Type: Publication & Arts Grant
  • Grantee:  Girdwood Bear Aware
  • Completed: 2021
  • Project Duration: One Year
  • Award Amount: $2,050
  • Match Generated: $3,865
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